New! Weekly Lifestyle Task

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After having some interesting conversations and thinking about things, I’ve decided to replace the Logical Advice posts with new weekly Lifestyle Tasks. What are these, you may ask?

Basically, every Sunday I will make a short post with a task to do for the week. The tasks will focus on improving our lives in one way or another, such as a change to your diet, a fun workout, reaching out to an old friend, something along those lines. It won’t be anything major or overly time consuming. Instead, it will be a shorter task that can improve your week in some way.

This Week’s Task

To kick things off, I’m going to stick to my last blog post and make the weekly task to meal prep once this week. Pick a night, pick a recipe, set aside an hour and cook a big batch of ANYTHING. Give it a try and let me know how it goes in the comments below, or by email at

Also, keep an eye out for my task next week and some more articles soon!


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