Making Incremental Improvements in your Life

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The goal of this blog is to help anyone and everyone improve their lifestyle, be it professionally, personally, physically, romantically, or in any other positive sense. In order to make these improvements, you need the right system and methods in place to do them. I’ve read dozens of other blogs, articles, books and more on how to improve at X, or do more of Y, or be more Z. The thing that’s almost always missing is how to set realistic goals to achieve it- what is the pace, what are the reps, how should this “improvement” look after the first month of implementing the changes?

Whether it be work, sports, school, or whatever, I’ve always applied what I like to think as the “Incremental Improvement Strategy”. It wasn’t until recently that I even noticed this way of improving, but once I focused in on how I was successfully able to accomplish certain things, it became clear that I often improved when I set realistic, incremental goals and worked consistently to improve them at a reasonable pace.

Let me explain further.

Let’s say your goal is to lose some weight. You’ve always done some exercise and tried a few diets, but you never stuck to either long term. If you want the best results, in my opinion, your focus needs to be on incrementally improving over the weeks and months, because smaller changes are much easier to handle.

Instead of saying you’re going to hit the gym 6 times a week, start with 2. If you haven’t been going at all recently, it’s much easier to commit to going twice a week, than it is to going 6 times a week. Start with small steps, acknowledge when you’ve hit those goals, then continue to incrementally improve.

An example of a good plan of attack to start exercising more if you haven’t been recently:


First month: gym 2 times a week and a 30 minute walk once a week

Second month: gym 3 times a week and a 30 minute walk twice a week

Third month: gym 4 times a week and a 30 minute jog twice a week


This, in my opinion, will be a much more effective way of getting you to stick to a workout plan, as opposed to saying “Ok time to go to the gym 6 times a week”. You will inevitably slip up because it is difficult to go to such an extreme right away, which will just lead to disappointment.

What is one area of your life you’re looking to improve upon starting today? Exercise, eating habits, dating? Pick one, it can be anything, and jot down a simple, incremental improvement strategy like the one I did above. It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time, especially because it is good to review your progress and re-evaluate at times.

What are you setting as a goal for yourself? Let me know in the comments below or by email at

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