Focusing on One Key Goal

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In the last few months, I’ve been keeping a short journal to track short and long term goals. However, a few weeks went by and I realized I was doing it wrong; I wrote out a list of 10-15 “smaller” goals, but there were so many that I couldn’t really focus on any of them.

It was then that I shifted my mindset to pick fewer goals and be more dedicated to them. So my task for you all is to pick ONE goal that you’ve been thinking of or had on a longer list, and to focus on that for the next few weeks.

Doesn’t have to be a major goal, and can be something as simple as flossing your teeth twice a day. Bottom line: pick one and stick to it.

Let me know what you pick, or if you have any other questions or concerns. Next week, I’m dropping a big post on how to get through a breakup.


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