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Why You Should Still be Playing Sports

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To be quite blunt, life can get pretty safe, repetitive and dull at times. We go to school/work, eat, hang out with people, watch tv, go to sleep, etc. This doesn’t challenge the human mind and body like it used to be challenged. Way back in the day, humans had to fight to eat, drink, sleep and survive. They had to hunt for food and literally protect their families. This is how people grew stronger, both mentally and physically.

Today, the best way to replicate these lessons is through¬†sports. Physical and mental toughness can’t be taught in the classroom in the same way they can be learned by playing sports. The disappointment of defeat can’t be felt the same way from a bad grade like it can be when there’s a winning team celebrating right in front of your face. And teamwork can’t be developed in the same way through group projects like it can through practicing for months on end with players who ultimately become your brothers because of how hard you work for one another, and how much you support one another.

Doesn’t matter what sport you play or did play, or whether it’s an individual or team sport, there are very few comparisons to getting the benefits that sports provide in any other way in the modern world. I would highly suggest that anyone, male or female, continue to or pick up a new sport to add to your schedule. Not only is it great for all the aforementioned reasons, but it’s also great exercise. This kills two birds with one stone, and there’s nothing I like more than killing two birds with one stone.

Let me know what you think! Do you agree? I have participated in sports competitively, recreationally and even still in men’s leagues as a way¬†to stay in shape, have fun and maintain a level of intensity and competitiveness in my life, and I hope you will too.

Thanks for reading!

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