On Working for Others

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I have to be completely honest – I wholeheartedly neglected this blog for a few months while I was wrapped up in some other real life stuff, but here we are. After spending just under a year at an office job, I finally feel like I’m free and can’t stop thinking about what others may or may not feel about working in an office for someone else?

No, this is not a secret ploy to get you to comment or send me an email. As a business graduate, being an entrepreneur and/or running my own business has always appealed to me – and now that I’ve worked for other people for a while, that feeling has only gotten stronger.

Maybe part of it is my age (late 20s) and the fact that the industry I was working in was filled with people from an older generation, but I couldn’t help feeling out of place, under-appreciated and unmotivated.

I have since decided to take a few months “off” to try and set some things up on my own, in hopes that I can support myself and not have to return to an office job (at least right away).

What are your thoughts on working an office job, and if you don’t have one, how do you support yourself?

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