About Me

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a lawyer – so I did.

It wasn’t until I started working in a law firm, doing tedious, lonely work to basically cut the partners a bigger paycheque that I realized the traditional path wasn’t for me.

Something didn’t feel right, and I knew I needed to be working on something for myself in order to be motivated and fulfilled.

So I began helping a friend with a local business on the side, and soon after left the firm to start my own firm with a family friend. I slowly adjusted to working for myself and am continuing to build the lifestyle and businesses that can support me and lead to a more fulfilling life.

If you are in a job you don’t like, are in the process of getting out of one or trying to build a new lifestyle or business, you’re in the right place. I post content on business, health and lifestyle design to hopefully give some insight and motivation to those who have the same goals as I do.

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