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Should You Keep Talking after a Breakup?

A very common question I get and see discussed is whether you should message or talk to someone after a breakup. Usually this is because the other person has done the breaking up, but sometimes you may be doubting your decision to breakup with someone else. In this post, I will discuss when and why …


Reader Question: When Should I Message Her Again?

Question from a Reader: I’d been talking to a girl online, and after getting her number, I messaged her to schedule a date, which she was eager to do but couldn’t because of schedule constraints. When would it be appropriate to message back, or should she be messaging first this time, to try to schedule something …

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Finding Your Own Version of “Success”

I’m writing this first post because if I’m going to be writing articles on what I hope will help you on your journey to “success”, it’s pretty important to get on the same page about how we define the word. (fancy source, I know) defines success as: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts …