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How to Get Over an Ex: The 3.5 Steps to Getting Through a Breakup

Breakups vary in all shapes and sizes depending on your age, the length of the relationship, the type of person you were dating, and many other factors. But there’s one common theme to breakups: they suck. If there’s one question I see the most, it’s “how do I get over my ex?” There are some …


Why You Should Use Dating Apps

As some of you may have seen, I previously wrote a 3-part guide on how to use dating apps. If you haven’t read them already, you should. And whether you have or haven’t, I’m announcing that I’ve compiled and expanded those posts into a step-by-step eBook which will be dropping next week! Some people may …


Should You Keep Talking after a Breakup?

A very common question I get and see discussed is whether you should message or talk to someone after a breakup. Usually this is because the other person has done the breaking up, but sometimes you may be doubting your decision to breakup with someone else. In this post, I will discuss when and why …