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Why You Should Still be Playing Sports

To be quite blunt, life can get pretty safe, repetitive and dull at times. We go to school/work, eat, hang out with people, watch tv, go to sleep, etc. This doesn’t challenge the human mind and body like it used to be challenged. Way back in the day, humans had to fight to eat, drink, …

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Making Incremental Improvements in your Life

The goal of this blog is to help anyone and everyone improve their lifestyle, be it professionally, personally, physically, romantically, or in any other positive sense. In order to make these improvements, you need the right system and methods in place to do them. I’ve read dozens of other blogs, articles, books and more on …

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Finding Your Own Version of “Success”

I’m writing this first post because if I’m going to be writing articles on what I hope will help you on your journey to “success”, it’s pretty important to get on the same page about how we define the word. (fancy source, I know) defines success as: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts …